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ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) FOUNDATIONS

Reliant homes has become an industry leader in ICF foundations in Kamloops.  They are one of the few companies in Kamloops who are able to install these types of foundations.

What are ICF foundations?

As concrete is the material of choice for foundations, ICF foundations seek to improve upon this standard. Using foam blocks that have been filled with concrete, ICF foundations provide greater thermal efficiency while making those spaces feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Therefore, this type of foundation saves on cost while providing greater comfort.

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SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) INSTALLATIONS

When it comes to SIP installations, Reliant Homes is one of the most sought after companies.  Since only a few companies in Kamloops are able to provide these installations it is important to know that Reliant Homes is the company that is recommended time and again.

Why should someone consider SIP in their new home? As energy costs continue to increase and the demand for green living continues to grow, insulated panels provide the solution. These panels come insulated with Expanded Polystyrene laminated between Oriented Strand board and are fused using a special adhesive. This design not only makes the panels stronger but also faster to install than a traditionally framed house. Some have thought that SIP panels will save over 40% of heating costs because the structure is more tightly built and the panels provide greater insulation.


What you don’t see behind the walls is just as, if not more important than what you do see on the surface.  A quality built structure is necessary when constructing a home designed to last a lifetime.  It is this philosophy and more that makes Reliant Homes one of Kamloops’ most recommended framing companies.

Myles Tuba and Dwayne Mangell lead a team of dedicated carpentry apprentices though the foundation and framing portion of every build.  Using the most current building practices demanded by today’s complex designs, Reliant Homes Ltd is given the ability to expose its apprentices to valuable learning opportunities.  This education ensures a continued availability of quality tradespersons.

Precision and pace set them apart from others because there is nothing more in demand than a company that can boast efficiency without sacrificing quality in the process. As experienced tradesmen, Reliant Homes is also able to install foundations efficiently and competently.  Myles and Dwayne have become the go-to people from the ground up!

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